Woven Type Gabion Basket

Woven Gabion Baskets – Flexible, Durable & Versatile
A woven gabion basket refers to a rectangular box made of double and triple twist hexagonal steel mesh fabric from Hot Dip galvanized or gulfan wire with or without PVC coated.
Filled with stone, woven gabion baskets form a monolithic mass structure that can withstand rough movements without any integrity loss. They are more durable than welded type gabion basket, thus, they are successfully applied to various rough conditions. Such as they can be used for desert gabion, gabion groynes, gabion channel etc.

Technical Specifications (Under this 20 points sentence)

  • Mesh Wire Type: Hot Dip Galvanized / Hot Dip Galvanized + PVC / Gulfan / Gulfan + PVC
  • Hexagonal twisted wire mesh
  • Mesh Size in mm:60X80/80X100/100X120
  • Mesh Dia (Gulfan/HDG in mm: 2.2/2.7/3.0
  • Mesh Dia (Gulfan/HDG) +PVC) in mm: 2.2/3.2,2.7/3.7,3.0/4.0
  • Nominal wire size (Galfan Coated): 2.7 mm +/- 0.06
  • Selvedge wire diameter: 3.9 mm +/- 0.07
  • Lacing/Tie Wire: 2.2 mm +/- 0.06
  • Length : 1 m, 2m, 3m and 4m
  • Width : 1.0 m and 1.5 m
  • Height : 1.0 m
  • Tensile Strength of Wire : 350 to 550 MPa
  • Elongation Minimum 10% in accordance with EN10223-3
  • Galfan Coating : Confirming to BS EN 10244-2 Class A
  • PVC coating Confirming to BS EN 10245 :2
  • Tolerance : Confirming to BS EN 10218-2
  • Hexagonal mesh: Confirming to BS EN 10223-3, ASTM A975-97
  • Harness: Between 50 and 60 Shore D, according to ASTM D2240-15e1.
  • Heavy Hot-dip galvanized, Zinc coating: 200g/m2 – 280g/m2 in accordance with EN10244-2 Class A
  • Gulfan Al-Zinc Coated wire coated steel wire:200g/m2 – 500g/m2
  • PVC Coating : PVC can be coated on HDG or Gulfan wire and various colors are available for selection
  • Center diaphragms: @ 1 mtr interval for boxes with length > 2 mtr
  • Gabion manufactured from ISO 9001 standard certified factory

SKU/ ADMAX Grade Coding 

ITEM CodeLength (m)Width  (m)Height  (m)Volume M3Rock Size in mm Approx. box
Weight in kg 
Lace wire
Dia in mm
Aperture in mmPVC Coating

Assembly & Installation & Rock Filling

  1. It is supplied in flat packs and complete with lacing wires or clips.
  2. Prepare all needed gabions, lacing wires and tools. Unfold and remove each gabion onto a flat hard surface and remove unwanted shipping folds.
  3. Form an open box by erecting the sides, ends and diaphragms vertically.
  4. The edges of the gabion and the diaphragms are then joined together by using lacing wire. Pull each loop tightly and finally secure the end of the lacing wire to the wire mesh with a loop and/or twist.
  5. All units should be joined securely to any neighboring gabions on the same layer before the filling commences.
  6. The rocks used should be hard; angular to round and durable. During the filling operation there may be a need to use manual stone placement to minimize any voids. The exposed faces of the vertical structures may be carefully hand placed for a neat, flat and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  7. The top edge of the diaphragm must be exposed. Fold the lid and edges of the panels to be connected down. The lids should be tightly laced along all edges to the sides and diaphragms in the same manner as described in the assembling units.
  8. All end wires should be turned in to prevent sharp protrusions.
  9. If a run of units is not filled to each level in one go, then always step down the filling at the end otherwise distortion will occur. This also allows further units to be connected later.
  10. Available minimal rock size: dense and durable stone from 100mm to 250mm.

Application, Advantage and Characteristics

  • Gravity retaining wall
  • Channel linings
  • Earth reinforcing structures
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Outfall structures
  • Coastal embankment works
  • Dams and culverts
  • Slope paving and weirs
  • Stream, river and canal training works
  • Erosion protection
  • Roadway and bridge protection
  • Control and guide of water or flood
  • Flood bank or guiding bank
  • Prevention of rock breaking
  • Water and soil protection
  • Bridge protection
  • Strengthening structure of soil
  • Protection engineering of seaside area
  • Seaport engineering
  • Isolation walls
      • Protection of road
      • Monolithic and flexible structures
      • Tolerates differential settlement
      • Uniform wire coating for extra durability
      • Permeable structures
      • Pre-assembled units for fast installation and higher quality
      • No specialized labor required for installation
      • Soil bioengineering
      • Robust & flexible structure
      • Excellent permeability.
      • High versatility
      •  Long lifespan
      •  Flexibility
      •  Durability
      • Strength
      • Low cost
      •  Ecology
      • Aesthetics