Admax is the leading supplier of filled and unfilled sandbags in UAE and Middle East and offers filled and empty sandbags of a wide range of quality & materials and add-on value as per customer requirement at economical prices. All our sandbags are manufactured to the superior quality and can be supplied filled or unfilled. Filled sandbags are delivered with the optimum amount of regular dry soil to provide a very effective for application Admax is poised to become the industry leader in the filling of high-quality sandbags for the construction industry, pipeline development, and disaster response.

The Company has its corporate offices in Dubai, UAE. Contact Us for more information or Request a Quote for your sandbag solution today!

We offer Sandbags in various specifications, sizes and available in various colors..

The sandbags are manufactured from jute hessian or woven polypropylene.


  • Prevention, Control and protection against flood 
  • Used for the development of roads, traffic and road signs.
  • For the Erosion control
  • Defense/Military Uses
  • Reinforcing existing dike structures
  • Erosion control
  • Temporary Wall construction
  • Providing extra weight for traffic barrier / road signs
  • To build bunkers