Polypropylene, which is also known as PP for short name, is one kind of thermoplastic resin material that produced by the polymerization of propylene Woven polypropylene is polypropylene strips/threads that have been woven in two directions (warp and weft) to create a light, but strong and heavy-duty material.

Admax Bags are built with circular woven polypropylene fabric with sewn bottom and leave the other side open. These plastic sandbags are ideal for flood protection and for building defensive walls. These sandbags are also suitable for other temporary uses such as weighting down temporary road signs or agricultural netting.



  • Woven polypropylene bags
  • Coated or Uncoated
  • 100 % customized PP Sand bag with any customized size, color, thickness
  • UV Protection from 200 to 4000 Hours
  • High durability with excellent tearing strength
  • Available in many size, also can be customized as per customer request
  • Printing Option
  • Reusable


Why Admax Geo PP Bags:

  • Admax bags are made from ISO certified factory
  • Third party inspection report can be provided upon request
  • ADMAX Bags are UV stabilized
  • Much greater bursting strength
  • Mildew-resistant
  • Shipped in proper palletized manner