Jumbo Bag (FIBC)

FIBC or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers are perfect for handling granules, powders or other flaky materials. They are also very good for storing and transporting such materials. These FIBCs are generally made from woven polypropylene (PP) material. They are more commonly known as jumbo bags and are widely used today for a variety of purposes and are in high demand. It is widely used in Construction, Agricultural, Chemicals, Cement, Food & Pharmaceutical industries etc… FIBC is UV stabilized moisture free and most cost effective among all available bulk packaging options. You can save time and money on moving products for they can be placed on pallets or lifted by standard lift loops attached to the bags.


  • FIBCs are the easiest way to transport and move bulk materials used for Exports.
  • FIBCs are easy to transport with a wide variety of lifting options available.
    These bags can be transported in a very easy and simple way.
  • FIBCs are available in several standards and specifications and are renowned for
    long lasting & its durability.
  • FIBCs are easy to handle for Transport & Warehousing purpose.

Why Admax FIBC BAGs

  • Admax FIBC bags are made from ISO certified factory.
  • Third party inspection report can be provided upon request.
  • Made in accordance to BS Standard.
  • Shipped in proper palletized manner.