Gabion is a rectangular wire mesh box comprised of three one half turns (commonly called double twisted) to form hexagonal shaped mesh openings of Zinc galvanized and PVC coated steel wire. These mesh openings are interconnected with adjacent wires to form hexagonal meshes. Selvedge / Edge wire which is a thicker and heavier wire is used to reinforce the edges and transverse diaphragm. It gives greater rigidity and shape to the gabion box.

These Gabions can be used for:

  1. Retaining wall structure
  2. Hydraulic Structures, Dams, Culverts
  3. Erosion & Scour Protection, Highway Protection
  4. River & Canal Training works
  5. Soil Erosion Protection
  6. Gabions are customizable for home garden use also.

Gabions Benefits:

  1. It blends easily & harmoniously with natural surroundings.
  2. It is low cost alternative to concrete or masonry structures.
  3. It’s very high resistance to natural forces due to better tensile strength, Simple and speedy installation.
  4. Cost Effective: It can be fold and to reassemble anywhere, easy to carry and reduce transportation cost.
  5. Environmentally Friendly:  Gabions can be filled with recycled materials such as concrete or rock that is waste from construction projects, which would reduce landfill and fuel consumption.
  6. Gabions can be reinvented for many gardens uses: benches, outdoor fire surrounds, fence foundations, pond surrounds, planters, even pillars for water taps.
  7. Affordable
  8. Attractive
  9. Long-lasting