Hessian bags are usually made from a number of coarse woven fabrics, which are typically created from hemp or jute depending on the type you go for. In the United States of America hessian cloth is called burlap and is used for industrial reasons. The cloth is breathable and suitable for carrying food. Compared to other materials they’re less prone to condensation and this reduces the possibility of the contents being spoiled. Hessian is also used in making sacks. It is a durable material and the bags are strong enough to carry heavy goods.


  • Available in many size with string, tag
  • Printing option & 100% biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Treated to protect against Rot/Sunlight/mildew


There are very many benefits of choosing to purchase hessian bags. One of the most important is that this fabric is totally natural. Sacking bags made from Hessian are used in packing sugar, cement and food grains. They’re biodegradable and eco-friendly, making them environmentally acceptable and they are processed safely using vegetable oils. The fabrics are woven closely to form a strong and narrow end product. They come in different weights and sizes depending on what a buyer wants.