“ADMAX Filled SandBags”

Admax facilitates its customer with a filled sandbag facility. Our product Admax pp and Admax  jute sandbags available as per customer requirement and deliver with proper palletized manner.


Standard Sand Filling:

Sand Bags should be filled between one-third (1/3) to one-half (1/2) of their capacity. This keeps the bag from getting too heavy and permits the bags to be stacked with a good seal.

Admax also supplies correct and the exact weight of sandbags as desired by the customer.

Admax sandbags is high quality bags, it’s very specified product in a unique coding system for customers and fast delivery makes us first choice of our customers.

Whether you need fast delivery of filled or unfilled sandbags give your desired sandbags code drop us an email you will get your quote.

JUMBO/FIBC Bags Filling: We also provide filling of Jumbo or FIBC bags as per customer request