We are leading supplier of ballistic panel design and fibre glass in UAE. Our experience includes design and development of ballistic resistant panels for a wide range of applications: commercial, governmental, educational and military. Our emphasis has always been on research and development and a rigorous quality assurance program with continuous testing of our products to ensure the highest degree of product integrity.

Our new venture will fill the gap between your requirement and availability of right products. Your safety is our priority. Admax is dedicated to the highest level of customer service at each step in the process of ordering bulletproof panels.

Bullet Resistant Fiberglass

Safety is a matter of trust. If there is a need for ballistic safety in and around buildings, vehicles, ships and containers, we must be able to rely at all times on the ballistic protection materials used. Whether the required protection is against shots, blasts, shattering, fire or burglary, there is absolutely no room for compromise. The key to a bullet proof wall is bullet resistant fiberglass panels. We offer a large selection of bullet resistant fiberglass. They are used in civil and military applications on every continent.

We are leading supplier bullet resistant fiberglass panels in UAE. Admax bullet resistant fiberglass panels, manufactured by Waco Composites, deliver superior security against bullets and blast fragments.

We offer ballistic resistant panels in 8 different levels of protection: Level 1 – Level 8. Each level is rigorously tested to meet or exceed UL specifications for that specific level. All levels are UL certified and come backed with our warranty. Our products can be used for a wide range of applications, including, Commerical, Financial, Government, Grid Security, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Military, Residental, Safe Rooms and Schools.

Below are the Admax Bullet Resistant Panel Levels: